Why do our builders get reviews like "the best contractor BY FAR that I have ever hired in my 25 years in the construction industry?"

Communication is key! If this is your first time building a custom home (or even something much simpler like rebuilding a custom kitchen), you might not know much yet about how the whole process will go. Below, you can hear from some past clients about how important high-quality communication was to them by the end of the process.

The quality of the communication between you and your builder will be the difference between delight and distress.

In short, you already know that there are lots of builders that are competent at completing a well-built structure, right? But what kind of experience do you want to have every step of the way? Delight? Confusion & stress? How about delight?!?!

There can be several appointments to schedule (or re-schedule). Also, at each stage of the process of planning and construction, you may have new questions.

So, how important will it be to you to work with a general contractor that keeps communication easy, simple, respectful, and concise (even delightful?)? Consider that, very soon, it will be extremely important to you! You can prevent huge amounts of confusion, frustration, and incidental delays by choosing a builder who is a pro at efficiently communicating with you. In fact, maybe you would like to hear what a few past clients have said about how big an issue this was for them.

"Especially because of his excellent communication, I recommend this builder to people all day long."
"I have dealt extensively with contractors (for big projects and small projects). A re-occuring theme or issue with contractors in general is a lack of accountability. The one thing I really I can say about David: you know the guy would always pick up the phone and call me back. So, he didn't play any games, which I loved...."

The busier that your life is already, the more important that communication will be during the planning and construction.

Maybe you are a busy person with a busy life (with kids or work commitments or whatever it may be). In that case, you already may greatly value people being consistently reliable (plus respecting your time enough to give you plenty of warning if there is need to revise a schedule).

Imagine a working mother who manages multiple projects within the construction industry (involving a variety of different builders). She's responsible for building a new school in time for the fall semester... plus things like getting urgent repairs to the leaky roof of her own home. After 25 years in the construction industry, here is what she said: the best contractor "BY FAR").

"Anytime I have a friend who has a need for construction or renovations, I tell them to call him."
"I have a lot of experience with a lot of contractors. I had worked with many contractors over the years- for new construction and also renovations. Dave was BY FAR the best.

I really like Dave. I love the honesty. I trust him... enough that he has the key to my house for when we do another project. He still has a key to my home!"

Besides quality of work and competitive prices, the top reason that people tell us they are delighted to recommend our builders is professional communication.

In many interviews with homeowners, the thing that we hear about the most is their value of honest, efficient communication. You could even call it "character" or "integrity."

They usually do not go on and on about the quality of the work. They just emphasize that they are delighted with it and then go back to how much they appreciate the personal connection they developed with our contractor.

Also, they usually do not go on and on about competitive pricing. They may just say that they are very satisfied with the value and that they recommend this builder to everyone (or repeatedly hire him themselves over the years).

Over and over, what we repeatedly hear is that past clients so strongly recommend our builders because of high-quality communication. Considering the typical length of time that it will take to plan, design, and build a custom home (or other major project), wouldn't it be nice to really like communicating with the person that you are trusting with making your dream come true?

But why take our word for it? You can hear 3 audios on this page, including the one on the right from an experienced real estate investors (who is also a realtor) that regularly buys homes, renovates them, and flips them.

"After another builder made a mess of things, he came in and turned the project around."
"....David's honest. He's ethical. He's up front... and he does really, really, really good work! ...Very professional, very good communication.

You can tell that he really cares. Ten on a scale of one to ten."


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