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Each of our builders has unique training and expertise. Below is a brief summary of their credentials one by one. (For more detailed information, please click the button on the top right and contact us.)

First, in Florida, our home builder in Miami not only holds multiple licenses (including as a general contractor), but is also an architect. Our builder in Orlando is also licensed.

In Arizona, our builder in Phoenix (whose main office is to the east of Phoenix in Mesa) is a licensed general contractor and is also a certified specialist in restoring homes damaged by water leaks (certified by the IICRC). Not only does he frequently educate insurance adjusters (most of whom are not construction professionals) on what the industry standards are and why, but sometimes even city inspectors.

Finally, our builder in Dallas is a specialist in repairing or rebuilding homes damaged by storms. While no state licensing is required in Texas for a general contractor, prior to moving to Texas, he was the manager of his father's licensed construction company in another state. He started working in construction at age 8 doing clean-up at construction sites, then became a construction superintendent at the young age of 21, eventually managing projects ranging from new construction of million-dollar homes to Kroger grocery stores.


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