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For an honest estimate, you need to be talking with a builder who is both experienced enough to calculate an accurate estimate and honest enough to simply give you that honest estimate (along with clear explanations of what is covered in the estimate and why). While the testimonials for our builders frequently emphasize honesty, you can be even more confident that you are getting an honest estimate by using the simple method described below.

As background, you may be aware that some builders are so motivated to compete for home construction projects that they may try to lure people in with estimates that are unrealistically low. What is the obvious solution? Get a few estimates!

Once you have a few estimates, compare the bottom-line numbers to see if they are far apart. If so, then that may indicate that someone is under-bidding or over-bidding. (Or, there may just be tasks or materials expenses that are included in one bid but not in another.)

You can offer to show all of the estimates to each of the estimators. Then, ask each estimator to explain the differences in the numbers. Ideally, an honest estimator that vales your business will be happy to review the estimates and point out why their estimate is the way it is.

There is no way that is more direct than this one for identifying which contractor is being the most honest with you. To request a consultation or estimate from our builders, click here now: construction estimates.


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