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More photos of custom construction projects

In addition to the custom kitchen and custom homes shown in the slideshow above, we are creating several more slideshows featuring everything from a beachfront high-rise to custom kitchens and custom bathrooms. For now, you can see a small gallery below featuring photos of a 50,000 square foot office building that was converted to a private K-12 school. That project involved major changes for fire safety as well as the installation of much larger (higher-capacity) pipes and resurfacing the parking lot.

At the very bottom are a few more photos. The next two are from a 50,000 square foot commercial construction project featuring a gymnasium, 7 other retail stores, plus a shooting range that shares a parking lot with the other stores. The very last photos are a recently built 6-story office building, plus a 2-story office building.

If you would like to see more sample photos of other custom construction projects recently completed by our builders, send us a request by clicking here: "please email me more photo galleries of past construction projects."


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